Hi, what’s your name?

“Zenit Corporate is a young and dynamic reality that brings together a network of professionals in the reference sectors.

We help you navigate the present by imagining your future.
We work with a common goal: to build relevant connections between companies and people.

We believe most of all in dreamers, we try to understand your needs and create synergies because we think that these can generate value for your business.

We operate mainly in Milan, Rome and Naples, but we reach everywhere “.

What about you?

Why Zenit?

Zenith is the point in the sky that you can see by looking directly over your head. Geometrically, it is the intersection point between the celestial sphere, a straight line passing through the center of the Earth, and your position on the Earth’s surface.

We like to think that Zenith is precisely the point where dreams meet their fulfillment: the plane where you rest your feet and where you look to the future.

“To be able to climb any peak, you need to have your feet firmly on the ground and look towards the future”.

To make a dream come true you have to go beyond what you expect, you have to be passionate, create brilliant and interesting stories that can connect us with the surrounding world, for this reason we consider the strength of the union central.

What we believe

Creating value is the first step in connecting brands to people and growing your business.
Our values are: